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Who are our clients? is an online shop specializing in delicatessen, especially Spanish gourmet products such as Iberian bellota ham and fine Spanish wine. We are here to serve and guide anyone who loves to discover, try, and taste high-quality products. If you are an aficionado of fine dining; if you like Spanish cuisine and gastronomy; if you are looking for that one special ingredient you just can't seem to find; if you want to buy real Spanish olive oil or D.O. Iberian ham; if you love authentic, artisanal, local foods; if you want particular ingredients for Spanish paella or spices for a Spanish kitchen; if you are searching for healthy, organic products; if you want to enjoy Spanish delicatessen; or if you are looking for a Spanish gourmet gift; this is the place for you. 

What is the objective of

What is our objective here at The principal goal of Holagourmet is to open a door to the world for the delicious products from Extremadura, and thereby give their high quality and diversity the fame and status they truly deserve. Satisfying our customers is fundamental. When our clients buy the products that Holagourmet has to offer, they always know they are buying only the best products which have passed all the necessary health inspections.

How do we select our products?

The products we offer are subjected to a rigorous selection process that guarantees only the highest quality:

We pay special attention to the composition of the products and the methods used in their manufacturing and processing. We avoid food coloring, artificial flavors, and additives whenever possible and are always sure to choose suppliers which use traditional methods of production (for further information, see the videos of our products).As you can see by clicking on our recipe videos, we sample all of our products ourselves.The majority of our products are from Extremadura, but we are also currently broadening our range of specialties by expanding to other parts of Spain.Quality remains our priority as we support small artisanal and local manufacturers.

How do we find these marvelous products? is based in the Vegas Altas del Guadiana, a region which is rich in products from the earth. Our advantageous positioning allows us to offer the high-quality products from the area to both national and international markets.

We are constantly on the lookout for new products, and use every one of our regular trips as an opportunity to find something unique. We pay attention to everything related to cooking, gastronomy, and cuisine in virtually every type of media. We even encourage our clients to suggest products that we do not currently stock. Last but not least, we have a large number of suppliers who approach us on a daily basis, and even though we cannot accept products from all of them, we make an effort to research and try their products.

What countries do we serve?

We serve both the Iberian Peninsula as well as the Balearic Islands. In addition, we ship to all countries in the European Union. Unfortunately, however, we do not ship to the Canary Islands, Ceuta, or Melilla. 

How do we store our products?

The large majority of our products are kept in Holagourmet's warehouse. Having our products so close at hand means that anytime you call us and ask for information about a particular product, we can respond immediately because it is only a few steps away. 

Can I pay with cash on delivery?

No. We do not accept COD. However we do accept numerous methods of payment: credit card (Visa, Mastercard and American Express), PayPal or Bank transfer. With the last payment method, your order will be shipped on the day the full payment is received. During that time, your products are reserved.


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Hola Gourmet

NIF: 53262183-W

Plaza Las Albercas 14

06400 Don Benito

Badajoz, Spain

Monday to Friday: 9-14 & 16-20 h

Tel: +34 924 806 111

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