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With our sponsorship program you'll be able to get discount coupons in an easy, effortless way.

As you'll see, it works quite simply:

1. First and foremost, you must have made at least 1 order in in order to be able to benefit from our sponsorship program when you recommend us to your friends.

2. Access the sponsorship program from your account.

Customer Sponsorship program

Customer Sponsorship Program:

3. Write the email, name, and surname of the friends whom you'd like to invite to Choose which friends you invite carefully; you'll only receive your 5€ coupons if your friends make a purchase in our store.

Customer Sponsorship program

Customer Sponsorship Program

4. The friend you've invited will receive an email with an invitation to register him- or herself on our website. It's very important that your friend writes your email either on the registration page or when they check out. If they access the site from the same email address we sent the invitation to, your email will automatically appear.

Customer Sponsorship program

Customer Sponsorship Program

5. The friend you've invited must register as a customer when he makes his purchase. It's crucial that your friend does so, because if not, our system won't record him and you won't receive your discount coupon.

6. When your friend makes his first order from, you'll receive an email with the subject "Congratulations!" in which you'll receive your discount code for 5€ off a future purchase.

When you're making your next purchase of at least 50€, our system will remind you at checkout (i.e. the time of payment) that you have a discount code for 5€ if you choose to use it. You can also save it for later.

Remember that if you get more than one 5€ coupon,  they are not cumulative; you can only use one per purchase.

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