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Honey & Jams

Sweeten your life with artisan jams and honeys of the Jerte Valley.

Get out of your daily routine by discovering new flavors like honey with rosemary, thyme, or orange, or jam with eggplant, carrot and mushrooms or chocolate. See all the types of honey and jam that we offer at

You will be amazed!

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    Melon, Raisin & Rum Jam

    These jams are made following a traditional method of using entirely natural and indigenous ingredients from the land of Extremadura.

    The interesting combination of flavors in this jam is absolutely delicious and sure to keep you coming back for more!

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    Pear and Wine Jam

    A delicious jam that combines the sweetness of pears with a delicious wine from the land of Extremadura for a tasty and unique flavor.

    Give a modern and innovative touch to your dishes and sauces, or try it with foie gras or pate. Also an ideal accompaniment for creamy cheeses or yogurts.

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    Carrot jam

    Carrot marmalade is an artisan product which is 100% natural. An exquisite and innovative jam, its unique flavor and composition is worth a try!

    Glasai jams are free of dyes, thickeners, and flavoring, nor are they diluted with water.

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    Plum, Walnut and Rum Jam

    These jams are made following a traditional method, and the ingredients used are entirely natural and indigenous to the land of Extremadura.

    This exquisite, smooth jam will surprise you--made with the greatest care and the best plums of the land of Extremadura., it will certainly surprise your friends too!

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    Dried bee pollen

    Coming from flowers and collected by bees, this pollen is gathered by the beekeeper directly from the beehive. Afterwards, it is dried at a controlled temperature.

    The color of the grains are yellow-orange and dark-velvet. The odor is typical and not acidic.
    The taste is grainy with a bit of dustiness.

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  • Carrot Jam
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    Pumpkin Jam

    When you think of jam flavors, pumpkin may not be the first that comes to your mind, but it actually enhances the taste of grilled meat, poultry, and fish in a surprising fashion. It's also exquisite on toast or accompanying cheeses.

    Prepared with top quality, 100% natural ingredients with no additives or preservatives, this jam's lofty, innovative taste is a pleasure to share and enjoy.

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    Wildflower Honey

    This delicious Millefiori honey has a floral aroma and a sweet taste of variable intensity.

    Enjoy all its healthy properties along with the sweet taste of honey extracted by bees from Extremaduran wildflowers.

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    Thyme Honey

    Thyme honey has an intense woody aroma and a sweet, slightly acidic taste.

    Enjoy this pure, natural delicacy produced by bees from the nectar of Spanish wildflowers.

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    Orange Blossom Honey

    This orange blossom honey has a flowery aroma and a sweet taste with a sharp hint of citrus. Lighter honeys like Azahar have more vitamin A and a taste that is softer than darker ones.

    Ideal with soft and stronger cheeses in order to set up a tasty contrast. Combines well with duck meat. Add it to your tea and desserts, especially ice cream.

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    Eucalyptus Honey

    This delicious honey made from eucalyptus has an intense, woody aroma and a sweet taste with slight sour notes. Is highly recommended for people who have respiratory problems.

    Enjoy the delicacy of authentic honey extracted from the eucalyptus flower.

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    Rosemary Honey

    Rosemary honey, with its floral aroma and mild sweet taste, is a delicious honey and a perfect pairing when diluted in a little water for meat and fish dishes, especially lamb or fried codfish.

    Let your creativity run wild--you'd be amazed how many things taste better with a bit of rosemary honey!

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    Onion confit

    This onion confit is chopped onion in a juicy blend of flavors, both sweet and slightly spicy.

    A gourmet creation with an exquisite fusion of flavors that will not leave you indifferent. Ideal to accompany any cheese, from fresh to more mature.

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    Orange Jam

    This magnificent artisan jam is purely natural and prepared without any sugar whatsoever, only the highest quality oranges.

    It goes perfectly with foie gras and other delicious pates. It is an excellent companion for soft, semi-hard, and creamy cheeses such as Jarlsberg, Gouda tender, Brie and Camembert.

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    Boletus Mushroom & Chocolate Jam

    Boletus mushroom & chocolate jam  is a purely natural product prepared in an artisan manner. This exquisite and innovative jam's light, sweet taste will enhance any flavor.

    Glasai jams are free of dyes, thickeners and flavoring. The delicate flavor of this jam can't be matched--give it a try!

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    Fig Jam

    This exquisite jam with a delicate and mellow texture stands on its own merits and is distinguished by its sublime flavor. A truly delicious gourmet product to share and enjoy.

    Extraordinary jam for your toast and pastries. We recommend using it to give a modern air to goat cheeses or strong blue cheeses.

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